Fast broadband will provide many benefits for Norfolk residents

From watching the latest blockbuster and video calling the grandchildren to ordering your shopping online and surfing the web, Norfolk’s better broadband scheme is bringing faster speeds to the majority of the county.

Improved access to online shopping, banking and public services

Stay in touch with family and friends using high definition video and webcams

Help your children to do their homework and learn indepedently online

Try interactive learning and master new skills

Pursue your favourite hobbies online

Download films, music and e-books, upload your videos and photos

Enjoy online gaming

Subscribe to on demand TV and films - watch them when you want!

Backup your information quickly and securely

Work more flexibly - from home just as effectively as from your office

Help you set up your own business from home

Take a look at how people around the UK are already using improved broadband to help them in their work or lives:

Can I get fast broadband?

To find out if you can get fast broadband at your home click the link below.