Bernard Matthews

Bernard Matthews Farms is the largest turkey farmer and producer of turkey products in the UK, supplying many of the major grocery retailers and food service providers. With its headquarters in Norfolk, Bernard Matthews Farms has offered tasty, nutritious, affordable products for over 60 years and is a firm family favourite with over half the homes in the UK.

Why better broadband?
Bernard Matthews Farms employs more than 2,000 people and farms over 7 million turkeys across East Anglia each year, so it relies heavily on a good broadband connection to do business with its supplier and customer base and to communicate effectively with its workforce.

In recent years, Bernard Matthews Farms employed a private telecommunications contractor to help upgrade some of its more remote farm sites in the Norfolk area to broadband. This helped establish a reliable connection for some of its sites but, like many rural businesses, it continues to suffer with either no proper broadband connection or inadequate or slow broadband speeds at other key sites in Norfolk, including its headquarters in Great Witchingham.

“Better, faster and more reliable broadband in Norfolk is essential for Bernard Matthews Farms,” says Chris Zanone, General Manager Information Systems and Development for Bernard Matthews Farms. “If the county continues to fall behind other counties and does not offer reliable broadband, it’s not just Bernard Matthews Farms that will suffer, but eventually the whole of our local economy.”