Reepham High School

Technology in schools is helping revolutionise the way children are taught, but for many rural schools it seems the revolution is still to happen.

Reepham High School & College in Norfolk is one of the UK’s outstanding schools according to Ofsted. In September 2008 it was judged for the third successive time to be “outstanding”, placing it in a very small group of schools nationally.

But whilst the school goes from strength to strength in terms of education the lack of a decent rural broadband service continues to be a key focus for the rural school. “The internet is a key teaching tool for every school in the country,” says Mark Farrar, Acting Principal of Reepham High School & College. “From planning a lesson to showing a video in class the internet can help bring lessons alive and help enrich a student’s education with ease and simplicity. The school is fortunate to have a good broadband connection. However, more and more homework is being set with the internet in mind, but a significant proportion of our pupils can’t even attempt their homework as they have very poor broadband connections at home.

“Thankfully though, thanks to the better broadband team this will soon be a thing of the past. Rural pupils will soon be on a level playing field with their counterparts in the city when it comes to internet access.”