Sands Restaurant

Sands is a popular quayside restaurant located in Wells-next-the-Sea, with stunning panoramic views over the harbour. Cara Green took over the management of the restaurant with her partner last year and said a superfast broadband service will make a big difference to their customers’ experience.

She said: “With faster broadband speeds we can now have a wireless card machine – meaning we can serve people at their tables rather than making them queue and pay at the counter. It’ll be a much quicker and customer-orientated service this way.

“It will also speed-up the process by which we send out our regular e-newsletters. It used to be painstakingly slow to upload pictures and circulate the newsletter with our previous Wi-Fi, but now we can do this in no time at all, freeing up more of our time for other tasks.

“Since we offer free Wi-Fi to all our customers – some of whom already treat our restaurant as a hot spot for connecting online – a faster broadband speed will no doubt be a big improvement for them. If word gets around that we’ve now got high speed fibre optic, hopefully we’ll gain more customers. They can have a cuppa or a nice meal, and stay here as long as they like, all the while making use of our Wi-Fi.”