Wells Harbour Office

Wells-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast has been a port and safe-haven for ships and boats for at least 600 years. Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Wells plays host to thousands of holiday-makers and visitors almost all year round, making for a unique mix of people and activities.

The Harbour Office is responsible for the day-to-day running of the harbour, including providing moorings, permissions and advice for the many sailors who use the port. It also has an important role to play in its longer term management, such as monitoring flood risks and surveying the harbour’s environment to ensure it complies with regulations.

Louise De Lisle, the Harbour Administrator, said: “We have 300 to 350 visitors a year from all over Europe who all want to use our free Wi-Fi, so it’s great to be able to provide a better internet service now that we’ve just upgraded to fibre optic.

Before the change, it felt like our broadband had become slower and slower and more difficult to use. It really affected our operational efficiency as everything online took so long to load. Now our bigger bandwidth will allow our customers to use our service without impacting on the work of the harbour office.”