Wymondham Stuff

Wymondham Stuff is a hyperlocal website covering news, features, sport run by business partners Neil Mason and Keith Whitmore. Their Facebook page boasts close to 2,000 “Likes” and they have recently launched an innovative business directory to help support the town’s ever growing population.

Neil, a writer, and Keith, a photographer, decided to put their combined years of experience as professional journalists into the new online venture in early 2013.

Keith says: “The decline in popularity of traditional printed newspapers has opened the door to hyperlocal coverage such as ours. As professional journalists living in the town, we know what will be of interest to our audience and we will often see things that bigger organisations don’t, or won’t think worthy of coverage.”

Why better broadband?

Being a totally online service, a reliable, fast internet connection is crucial for Wymondham Stuff, not only to upload content (news stories, photos and high-definition video), but also for their audience to be able to view it.

And now that the partnership is attracting many local businesses to their new directory listings, the more reliability and higher speeds brought to Wymondham are one of the cornerstones of the business.

“If pages take too long to appear, or video is too long loading, people will give up and drift off elsewhere, which doesn’t help the businesses advertising with us,” says Keith. “And the faster upload speeds mean that we can be more productive on a day-to-day basis, cover more, and that in turn has benefits for the vitality of the town, the community and its businesses.”